Health and safety

Organic mandarins and oranges have a major concentration of healthy substances: antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins, hydrates, beta-carotenes, phenols and flavonoids.
Organic mandarins and oranges do not have any residues of pesticides.

Organic mandarins and oranges have more Vitamin C and antioxidants that intervene in the formation and maintenance of the collagen, in the maintenance of cells and tissues: skin, bones, blood vessels, etc.

They are very depurative and help to keep the intestines and the blood clean, which reduces many health problems. They contain soluble fiber which helps the body eliminate fats and poisonous waste that may cause illnesses and excess weight. They reduce the formation of harmful cholesterol and facilitate the elimination of uric acid.

They help to prevent some illnesses such as: cold, flu, infections, contagions, cardiovascular illnesses, cataracts, ode ration degeneration, baldness, cancer, etc.

They help improve diabetes, osteoporosis, scarring, anemia, production of red globules, hypertension, nasal clearing and lung illnesses, and so on.

The organic agriculture has been regulated by the Regulation (CE) 834/2007 and 889/2008, validated in all the countries of the European Union, which establishes the production rules, process, labeling  and the system of control of these products.

Whoever produces, prepares, packs or imports products following the indications of our ecologica, biological or organic agriculture must fulfill the regulation and be controlled by an organism with authorized control. In Catalonia, this organism is the CCPAE: Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production.

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