About us

Joan Andreu

Biocitrus - quienes somos
My name is Joan Andreu. I am the production manager, responsible for packaging, sales and attention to the customer of the brand Biocitrus.eu from Biocitrus Ebre, SL.

I have been a vocational farmer since 1998, when I owned 1,75 ha. I didn’t have any formation or professional experience at the beginning. In 2005 I began with packaging and sales. In 2008 I started to work with the organic agriculture. In 2015 we cropped, packed and sold the production of organic certified mandarins and oranges from 26,5 ha.

After a 17-year experience, and making beginner's mistakes, I have learnt quite a lot from my mistakes, I have overcome some difficulties related to the organic agriculture.

All in all, the organic production, the experience and backlog formation, the attitude towards progress, the will of service, and the high recognition by our customers have made us stronger and encouraged us to keep on.

our team

  • Mercedes Martín

    I am responsible for accountancy, invoicing, mailing and paying attention to the customer.

  • Abdou Kone

    I’ve been in charge of harvesting and packing mandarins and oranges for 10 years.


-  Passion, efficiency, quality, commitment and service.

-  100 % organic certified and traceable production. Main priority is quality.

-  Own organic production and also by certified nearby farmers.

-  Maturation and change of colour of the fruit on the tree.

- Compilation, dry brushing, calibration and package by customer request.

- Compilation, preparation, loading, transport and 2-3 day service after the order.

- Stable and exact prices so as to achieve the growth of the consumption, sales and production.

-  Great and sincere commitment in the long run, respect and trust for our common benefit.


Efficiency, Quality and Service


If we are efficient and sustainable, we can produce organic certified mandarins and oranges with a very high quality and still fresh when delivery. That’s the most we can wish!

We would like you to know and enjoy them and to look after yourselves.