We work for you

We work efficiently and give high quality service in order to achieve the growth of consumption, the sales and the production of organic mandarins and oranges, in benefit of all.

The organic agriculture is better both for people and the environment. More are more people are getting interested in it. It is still quite unknown though, therefore it should keep growing.

In the long run, organic agriculture can become more efficient because if we work with  well-preserved and fertile soils our plants can produce better quality products, a bigger amount of them, and keeping healthy. Furthermore, if we don’t use any cameras to change their colour, the mandarins and oranges will mature, improve and change their colour on the tree, and we will become more efficient as well as improve the quality of the product.

We feel compromised not only with the quality of organic farming, but also with the varieties of mandarins and oranges. Also, with the water, the ground, local climate, maturation and the change of colour of the citrus fruits on the tree, the harvesting by request and a quick 2-3 day service.

If we are efficient and sustainable, we can produce organic certified mandarins and oranges with a very high quality and still fresh when delivery. That’s the most we can  wish!

We would like you to know and enjoy them and to look after yourselves.

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