100% Traceable and organic

The whole production has been organic certified and traceable. In order to increase production and great variety, we work with new plantations or reconvert existing ones, thus new available fruit will be cropped organic.

Our own local crop

We are producers of mandarins and oranges, who are selling organic certified fruit that has been cropped in the region by trustful farmers.

Our production area is crucial to achieve high quality fruit, as well as the geographically protected brand “Clementines from Terres de l’Ebre ”.


Maturation and flavor

Our organic certified mandarins and oranges mature and change their colour on the tree. The local soil suits an excellent balance between acidity and sweetness, which improves their flavour.

As far as the change of colour on the tree is concerned is bound to the low night temperatures at the foot of the mountains.


Harvesting by request

We harvest our organic mandarins and oranges by customer request so that we can offer them totally fresh fruit.

When rain has been forecasted, we harvest earlier in order to maintain the service schedule for our customers.


A 2 or 3 day service

So as to deliver you our orgànic mandarins and oranges freshly, we need your order on time.

Harvesting, dry brush, sizing and packaging takes at least one day; and loading and transport the following day .


Established prices

We prefer established prices:

  • Consumers always get a referential fair price, which will promote the growth of future purchases.
  • Producers and sellers can increase their invoicing, profitability and reinvest so as to increase their production and sales.

Mandarins and Oranges

We can deliver organic mandarins and oranges since mid October to the end of May, as we select our varieties taking into account their quality and the chance of serving them during seven months.

All our varieties are seedless, can be easily peeled  off,  and can be either eaten or squeezed.

In the following links you will be able to see some information from the Valencian Institute of Agrarian Investigations (IVIA). You will learn from the origin and its characteristics, such as weight, diameter and fruit shape, colour and skin thickness, the juice percentage. In case it has got seeds: fruition, harvesting period, agronomic remarks, evolution of acidity and fruit ripeness index. You will also see two photographs of the tree and  the whole fruit from the top, below, on one side and cut in half.



  • New mandarins

    We have been sowing, and just beginning to produce, new varieties of organicl high quality mandarins in the months of February, March and April, which can be easily peeled off and are seedless.
    We do believe that these new varieties can be preserved and adapt to our region due to its permeable soil and fresher airy weather.
    These varieties of mandarins are: Safor, Garbí.

  • New oranges

    We are sowing, and just beginning to produce, new varieties of organic oranges, which will be better than the old ones.
    The skin of the Fukumoto orange  is better than the Navelina.
    The skin of the Chislett orange is not as sour  as the one in other late varieties and is smoother.
    It also allows its late harvesting, keeping really high quality and not losing any juice.

  • New system of irrigation

    We own a plot with different kinds of soil, as well as with diverse varieties of organic mandarins and oranges in an improved pattern.
    We use a double system of irrigation: dripping and low flow spraying over the trees, which allows us: to water the whole surface as if it were raining, to protect the fruit from possible frosts, to help  control some plague such as plant lice and mites, to lower night temperatures through irrigation, and to accelerate the change of colour.

Passion, Compromise and Service


We enjoy what we are doing and take for granted that our service and compromise with our customers will allow us to  get the most of our job and get stronger at the same time.

We hope we will set up a long-term relationship, which will be highly sincere, respectful, trustful, and will be profitable for everybody.