• Enjoy the essence

    Thanks to our organic farming, maturation and coloration on the tree, harvest by request, and our  good service in 2 or 3 days, you will be able to enjoy the flavour and the fresh juice.

  • Health and safety

    Organic mandarins and oranges have a major concentration of healthy substances: antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins, hydrates, beta-carotenes, phenols and flavonoids.

  • We work for you

    We work efficiently and give high quality service in order to achieve the growth of consumption, the sales and the production of organic mandarins and oranges, in benefit of all.



Biocitrus.eu is a European recently founded brand, which wants to encourage more people to know and enjoy them and look after themselves with our organic certified mandarins and oranges with a very high quality, harvested locally and by request, matured on the tree, and a 2-3 day delivery..

Organic citrus

The organic agriculture is better for both people and the environment. More and more people are using it, but it is still poorly known, therefore we should keep growing.
We’d like to be efficient and give high quality service so as to help the sustainable growth of production, sale and organic consumption and everybody should get the profit.


We want to let you know clearly and sincerely about our work and values, with pictures of our work and of the farms located in the map, identified with the polygon and smallholding so that they could continue the evolution and traceability of our organic certified mandarins and oranges.


We are situated in the north of the citrus area of the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula, next to the river Ebro, between Mount Caro and Delta del Ebro.

The fertile and deep alluvial soils of the river Ebro and organic farming leads to great quality fruit. The cool airy seasonal weather allows earlier coloration and better preservation.

picture gallery

  • Organic Mandarin Clementine
  • Organic Mandarins Clementines
  • Organic Mandarins Clementines Nules
  • Organic orange Navelina
  • Organic oranges Navelinas
  • Organic orange Navelate
  • Map farms biocitrus.eu
  • Mandarins trees and mountains
  • Organic Mandarins Clementines Nules
  • Warehouse of Biocitrus Ebre, Sl
  • Organic oranges Navelates
  • Organic oranges Navelates
  • Tortosa, the river and the mountains
  • Tortosa and the Ebre river

People and the earth get better thanks to organic agriculture

As consumers, sellers and producers, we are willing to work with the organic agriculture in order to respect and benefit both the environment and the people.